samedi 5 novembre 2016

The one who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and you snort like a pig is your guru.
The one who brings tears to your eyes, the one who makes you weep your secrets out, is your guru.
The one who challenges you, triggers old pain in you, makes you face your deepest fears and longings, helps you tell the truth, is your guru.
Every breath is your guru. Every beat of the heart. Every sound.
The morning breeze caressing your cheek is your guru.
The car that won’t start, the missed opportunity, the broken promise, the shattered bone, these are all your gurus.
The ones you love, the ones who frustrate you like anything, the ones who bore you to tears, the ones you don’t want to remember, the ones who left, they are your gurus too.
This entire life, so fleeting, so present, so rich with blessings, is your guru.
You can go find your guru in an ashram, a church, a temple; you can seek your true salvation in a cave on a mountaintop in India; but, friend, if you look deeply into the present, you will find you are already there.
The true altar is where you stand; the holy book writes itself moment by moment.
The Kingdom is spread out over the earth, waiting for your eyes to open.

Jeff Foster

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