jeudi 16 mars 2017

Nothing can ‘make’ you happy.
This is the worst news, and yet the very best!
The highest happiness is identical with the natural joy of being alive. 
This joy doesn’t come from outside of you. 
It’s not dependent on external circumstances.
You can be a beggar on the street and be overflowing with the joy of existence. You can be a world leader, all the riches of man at your disposal, yet profoundly disconnected from this cosmic joy.
You can’t reach joy, but you can remember it. You can breathe and celebrate your breathing. You can feel the morning breeze on your face and feel it as a caress from God. You can notice a surge of fear or sorrow or pain in your body and embrace it like a newborn, love it like a newborn, let it surge like a newborn.
Nothing can make you happy until everything makes you happy, everything reminds you of the Beloved, everything is God - your longing for God, your forgetting of God, your disconnection from God - and even the word 'God’ dissolves into this most ordinary afternoon.
Both the believer and the atheist are of the same blood.
When every single day is the last day, you are happy without cause, joyful even in your sorrow.
And the mind will never understand, and the heart never needs to.

Jeff Foster

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