mercredi 2 août 2017

… human character is actually a lie about the nature of reality…a pretense that one is invulnerable because protected by the power of others and of culture, that one is important in nature and can do something about the world. But in the back … whispers the voice of possible truth: that human life may be no more than a meaningless interlude in a vicious drama of flesh and bones that we call evolution; that the Creator may not care any more for the destiny of man or the self-perpetuation of individual men than He seems to have cared for the dinosaurs or the Tasmanians. The whisper is the same one that slips incongruously out of the Bible in the voice of Ecclesiastes: that all is vanity, vanity of vanities.
Some people are more sensitive to the lie of cultural life, to the illusions … that others are so thoughtlessly and trustingly caught up in … having trouble with the balance of cultural illusion and natural reality; the possible horrible truth about himself and the world is seeping into his consciousness. The average man is at least secure that the cultural game is the truth, the unshakable, durable truth.

The Denial of Death
Ernest Becker

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