dimanche 12 août 2018

Philip Rawson - Sankhya Tattva Diagra
 illustrating the Manifestation Processes of Creation
”The Art of Tantra ”, 1985

samedi 11 août 2018

A businessman, raising a young son with the help of his father in law while his wife lies in a three year long coma, takes out a one year subscription to an S&M club. His life is soon complicated by dominatrices who abuse him unexpectedly, in restaurants, on the street, at his work. Just when you think "where exactly is this going?" things take a whole new turn into weird. By the time the film "climaxes" you'll either have left the audience long ago or be sitting with a wide grin on your face enjoying the spectacle. At a time when American cinema has descended into predictability, special effects, superheroes and remakes it's great to see a genuine imagination at play. It's not for everyone but, if you enjoy creativity, humour and going along for the ride then it's one hell of a ride.

We Are Poets (2016)

...playing hot potato with the sun
...live life Free of fear embracing the incessant yinyan of it All 
believing that tomorrow will be BRIGHTER

mercredi 8 août 2018

dimanche 5 août 2018

vendredi 3 août 2018

Jean Harlow ,1927

The Black Mass, 1924

Off for The Sabbot , 1927

meditation, 1924

Courtney Crawford (wife) with Masks

Red jalapeño vs. green jalapeño: What makes them different colors?
The big difference between these two peppers is simply age. They are the same pepper, just a green jalapeño is picked early in the ripening process, while a red jalapeño is left on the vine to mature. During the ripening, the jalapeño, like other chilies, changes color from green to red.

Is a red jalapeño spicier than a green jalapeño?
It is. The additional ripening on the vine means more capsaicin in the pepper itself. Capsaicin is what gives hot peppers their spiciness.

jeudi 2 août 2018

St-Hubert st. Back Alley 2018

St-Hubert st. Back Alley 2018

St-Hubert st. Back Alley 2018
bouteille d'eau, des crayons pis un bag de poud'
la relève littéraire s'en vient

St-Hubert st. Back Alley 2018

St-Hubert st. Back Alley 2018

St-Hubert st. Back Alley 2018
St-Hubert st. Back Alley 2018

St-Hubert st. Back Alley 2018

thriftstore junk

thriftstore junk

pub de claques, 1917