samedi 20 janvier 2018


I live on Earth at the present, and I don't know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing - a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process - an integral function of the universe.

...the Mouse Grimace Scale, a “standardised behavioural coding system with high accuracy and reliability” (according to the scientific literature) used by experimenters to determine how much pain a mouse is in. 

jeudi 18 janvier 2018

Even now I’m nothing but a thin skin covering a mountain of memories.

The Wall, Marlen Haushofer
Zrób coś, abym rozebrać się mogła jeszcze bardziej
Ostatni listek wstydu już dawno odrzuciłam
I najcieńsze wspomnienie sukienki także zmyłam
I choć kogoś nagiego bardziej ode mnie nagiej
Na pewno mieć nie mogłeś, zrób coś, bym uwierzyła

Zrób coś, abym otworzyć się mogła jeszcze bardziej
Już w ostatni por skóry tak dawno mi wniknąłeś,
Że nie wierzę, iż kiedyś jeszcze nie być tam mogłeś
I choć nie wierzę, by mógł być ktoś bardziej otwarty
Dla Ciebie niż ja jestem, zrób coś, otwórz mnie, rozbierz

Rafał Wojaczek - Prośba

dimanche 14 janvier 2018

No one really knows how to deal with the unexpected. How do you rehearse the unknown?

Wayne Shorter

Jazz shouldn’t have any mandates. Jazz is not supposed to be something that’s required to sound like jazz. For me, the word ‘jazz’ means, 'I dare you.’

Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter by Francis Wolff
Speak No Evil session, Christmas Eve 1964

samedi 13 janvier 2018

Call Me Bud Powell. You wanna imitate this?
Listen. Spree dee deet sprree deee whee spredeee whee deee

My calling card. The dialectic of silence.
The Sound approach.
Life one day will be filled even furthers with we numbers we song
But primitive place now, we wailing be kept underground.

But keep it in mind. Call me something Dukish. Something sassy.
Call me by my real name. When the world change
We wailing be in it, help make it, for real time.

Call Me. I Call you. We call We.
Say, Hey Wailers. Hey, Wailers.
Hey hey hey, Wailers. Wail On!

Ebet Roberts
Art Blakey and Dr John 
recording session of Blusiana Triangle. 1979
All plans for "saving the world" ultimately rest on
the assumption that humanity must undergo a change
of heart. The paradox here is that if this change were
to occur, no plans would be needed to bring about
a "different world." The change of heart, the different
consciousness, would be in itself the very shift in direction,
the Reversion to human and spiritual values required
for "salvation." Smash the machinic mind and there'd be no
need to smash the actual machines.
And that would be (as the Living Theatre used to put

Jan. '14 

Michel De M'uzan

Well, I guess it just goes to show that all the good names are already taken! It took a while to find a name we were all happy with. In fact, we just had to make a decision after a while because it was becoming plain embarrassing not having a name. We came across the name Dead Sea Apes whilst looking through a list of mythical creatures. It actually comes from the Muslim mythology, and the Dead Sea Apes were a tribe from the Dead Sea who 'turned their ears away from God' and were transformed into apes. I really liked that when I read it, and thought it would be a great band name. I love the name now.
Isn't it a riddle . . . and awe-inspiring, that everything is so beautiful? Despite the horror. Lately I've noticed something grand and mysterious peering through my sheer joy in all that is beautiful, a sense of its creator . . . Only man can be truly ugly, because he has the free will to estrange himself from this song of praise.
It often seems that he'll manage to drown out this hymn with his cannon thunder, curses and blasphemy. But during this past spring it has dawned upon me that he won't be able to do this. And so I want to try and throw myself on the side of the victor. 

Sophie Scholl
New York Harbor, July 7, 1912

mercredi 10 janvier 2018