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there are no more negroes, jews, christians. there is only one minority in America. and we ask:
When will BOB DYLAN quit working on Maggie’s Farm?

When will RALPH GLEASON realize he is riding in a Hearst?

When will TIMOTHY LEARY stand on a streetcorner waiting for on no one?

When will the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and all ROCK-GROUPS quit trying to make it and LOVE?

When will NORMAN MAILER fill his brooklyn town house with presses and feed words to a day-tight night-tight generation?

When will OSWLEY STANLEY expose the traffic of alkaline acid and pour his background into LSD-25?

When will the NEW LEFT RADICAL POLITICS stop laying down limp and liberate the consumer?

When will PABLO PICASSO take the seven thousand paintings he has in storage and give them away with a smile?

When will KEN KESEY swallow the ocean and take us all to Yucatan?

When will MICHAEL BOWEN and friends use, look through, but not package the expansion of human consciousness?

When will ALLEN GINSBERG be blessed by his own seed and golden hairy nakedness?

When will ART-FOR-ART’S-SAKE climb higher than the social responsibility of the civilized past?

When will they all hear the death of LENNY BRUCE?

Our bowels quake
in constipated false alarms.
We are often naked and nameless
in boring room with tedious records
and toy tops that make colored sparks
for drug stained eyes,
smelling of weeds.
Ghosts haunt our heads,
demons are loose in our spinal fluid.
Uptite over glass beads
that focus where we are at
for just a little while…
on dirty strings hung
from Victorian gas fixtures.

Somebody cries in a slow motion bag
and blows the mind
of a skinny, drab redhaired girl
freaking out the gathering
sending everybody to the icebox
checking out the seconal supply.

Somebody in the tall, dark hallway
is still c r y i n g for Lenny,
and won’t come down just yet.

Emmett Grogan and Billy Murcott (The Diggers)
The Careful Language of Panic (1966)

Emmett told you what he thought. He was stand up. He was a man, extreme and contradictory, quarrelsome and kind, charismatic and self-destructive, who willed himself to be a hero, to be better than he felt he was when he became conscious.

For most people it might have been enough to have been a living legend, to have Bob Dylan dedicate an album to you; to be an icon to thousands of people that included Puerto Rican gang leaders, presidents of recording companies, professional thieves, wealthy restauranteurs, movie stars, socialites, Black Panthers, Hells Angels and the Diggers themselves, but Emmett was chasing his own self-perfection, and while the struggle killed him, I cannot help but admire the morality of his premise, and the brutally high standards he established for himself. Emmett was a guidon, carried into battle, an emblem behind which people rallied their imaginations. He proved with his existence that each of us could act out the life of our highest fantasies. This was his goal and his compassionate legacy and I will not minimize it or let myself off the hook of his example, despite his inconsistencies and flaws.

jeudi 22 mars 2018

Emmett Grogan is at 16:36
The congress on the Dialectics of Liberation was an international congress organised in London between 15 and 30 July 1967. It was organised by the American educationalist Joe Berke. The scope of the conference was to "demystify human violence in all its forms, and the social systems from which it emanates, and to explore new forms of action".
In 1965 R. D. Laing, and colleagues, came together as a community for themselves and people in a state of psychosis. As a result, Kingsley Hall became home to the Philadelphia Association and one of the most radical experiments in psychiatry.
In January 1967, International Times announced that "This summer, in July, the Institute of Phenomenological Studies will make the move. A congress will convene in London on the Dialectics of Liberation. The congress intends to examine and expose the system of societal and inter-personal influences that converge on us from birth. This means clearing the field of all preconceptions regarding who, what and where we are. as well as all manner of socially convenient academic conventions that are propped up by politics, ideology and false philosophical justifications. For we are taught, and coerced, to see things through a filter of politically arrived at and socially sanctioned lies. The entire world as we "know" it must be demystified."

Emmett Grogan, the San Francisco Digger, stole the show when he gave one of Hitler’s speeches as his own and received a rapturous reception.
Be anything you like: Be madmen, drunks, and bastards of every shape and form. But at all costs avoid one thing: Success. If you are too obsessed with success, you will forget to live.

Love and Living, Thomas Merton

Richard Hambleton

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downtown street art, montreal 2018
en exclusivité mondiale sur Crasses
mdames et msieurs
l'oreille de Van Gogh !

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street, montreal 2018
street, montreal 2018
street, montreal 2018
street, montreal 2018

Revolutionary Animism holds that rather than seek solutions within the same paradigm that brought us to a place of inequality, coercion, and dynamics of delirious and autophagic growth, we must turn our attention back to the ever-present ground-of-all-being.

La poésie est l'organisation de la spontanéité créative en tant qu'elle la prolonge dans le monde. La poésie est l'acte qui engendre des réalités nouvelles. Elle est l'accomplissement de la théorie radicale, le geste révolutionnaire par excellence. 

l'entrevue avec Emmet Grogan commence à 31:39

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rouille/rust no.1
Take me to your leaders !

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