samedi 12 novembre 2016

THE WORLD #14. New York: The Poetry Project, 1968. First Edition
WALDMAN, Anne (Editor)

Suck cock, Father Country
be gentle & tender, your mind out of the gutter
Kiss pussy, Mother Country, be tactile & subtle
satisfy the ladies with skillful embrace
Heart to heart:
heart on the sleeve of the person who waits —
heart at the door of a fitful night —
heart in the breast of the snappy cadet —
heart of a woman loving a woman —
heart moving cautiously through monitored cement —
heart stretching to livid extremes —
heart of Sleazy City — woan nobody help?
doan nobody care?
heart of wounded love frightened to beat —
strongest surest heart revealed! hayloft heart!
Polaris heart! stylish heart! bristling heart!
juicy flesh! embroiled heart! spontaneous flesh!
flesh of the ancestors, flesh from the beginning,
flesh returning,
flesh smouldering & flesh burning, loose flesh,
flesh licked, flesh disappearing, flesh discovering,
heart flash                 mind flash                 body flash
blessings on all natural acts

Queer Heart by Anne Waldman

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