dimanche 8 juillet 2018

Krishna and Radha Strolling in the Rain
Rajasthan, 1775 

We find ourselves as a distinction that appears real and solid, living and then dying. If, however, we are not that—if that is somehow an illusion and we aren’t actually alive and so cannot really die—then it follows that our true nature or real existence neither comes nor goes. If life doesn’t exist in the way that we perceive or even imagine it, then what we know of as life is merely a figment of mind.

The only way to transcend this life-illusion is to achieve direct consciousness—on all levels at once—of what is already so. This enlightenment needs to be deep enough that you realize the real nature of the illusion, and not just grasp the fact of it. It is not unusual for people to have some genuine direct experience of their own nature but still remain trapped within the self and life illusions. One reason is the impenetrable paradox of it all: life is life—that is its existence—and reality is reality—quite specifically and exactly the way it appears—AND they are non-existent. This is a lot to grasp, but the freedom available through such consciousness, even if it’s only a glimpse, lays a foundation from which you can pursue understanding such paradox directly.

Beyond the challenge of experiencing your own true nature or the true nature of any subject matter that you can come up with, consider that every view possible within “life” and “reality” is, necessarily and by design, insular and limited. Viewed from the history of humanity or the entire cosmos, or from the Absolute that contains it all, your entire experience of life and reality is only a temporary blip in the scheme of things. Dwell on this for a moment and see if you can get a hit on what’s being said here.

The only place where your life and personal history seem significant and enduring is within you. Imagine that all the perceived activity and drama of your life and world, no matter how intricate or momentous, still amounts to nothing but a speck of a dream within an infinite dream, which is still not the Absolute. Whether we’re talking about your life or the entire universe, it is all relative—a form arising, a dream manifesting. Can you see that?

Peter Ralston
the Genius of Being

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